26 January 2010

New Additions

Now that we've finally dug out from our series of winter storms- after nearly 5 ft of new snow in a week- we've begun updating our workshop calendar. We have some new additions that I think will interest many!

We've added another Digital Photo Basics- Scottsdale workshop (March 13) because we filled the other one and had several people on a waiting list. We've also added another Digital Workflow class to organize your photographic life in Scottsdale (April 10-11), rescheduled our Printing workshop (April 24-25), which we had to cancel due to the record breaking snow here in Flagstaff, and we added a new shooting workshop in Flagstaff this summer (June 11-13)! Please check the website for details.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Below is a photo I took when I snowshoed to the neighbor's house (which was the only way to get there!) The San Francisco Peaks were just starting to "peak" through the clouds!

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