09 May 2009

A Wonderful End...

We were sad to see everyone leave, but the workshop was wonderful! I think we enjoyed it as much as our participants did. Our last day, we visited a beautiful walled medieval village with ancient wine cellars and a local organic farm where they make amazing sheep cheese, among other wonderful things. We had what was very nearly my favorite meal of the trip at the farm, which is saying a lot. And of course the adorable great pyrenee puppy- nearly 5 weeks old- won all our hearts! I think everyone was impressed by their own photographs at our "Greatest Hits" slide show.

Joel and I are now in Le Marche and hope to find some treasures to photograph in the area. We are going to a town celebration dinner tonight, which should be a lot of fun... and tasty of course.



  1. You seem to have had a great time and great pictures. Have you thought of looking at the area around Lake Como/ I think it is one of the most beautiful part of Italy. You could get a lot of great pictures.--Lou

  2. A baby Ria! :)

    Everything looks fantastic guys. Great Job!!