02 May 2009

The Workshop Begins...

Apparently there has been a little confusion regarding the photos I'm posting to the site- they are all mine. I certainly have my own private tutor... and a good one at that :) but unless I state otherwise, the photos are taken by me.

All our workshop participants have arrived safely! We'll have our welcome dinner tonight at one of the best restaurants in town- more fabulous Italian food- with a sunrise shoot in Pienza tomorrow. I think we're doing enough walking because all of my clothes still fit!


  1. I think your photos are very good. Joel better whatch out. Lou

  2. Joel, Christine Eastman here, wishing I was on the tour with you guys as I sit here working on your PR proposal!! Raise a glass of chianti for me tonite!! Ciao for now...

  3. I agree with Lou- your photos are really great Barb! (Of course, I'm not biased or anything) And it's such a pleasure to follow you day to day. keep up the dialogue.. MOM